Past Years: 2004 Camp Blitz and Bullet Tournament Results

Blitz Final Standings (with quotes)

1st PlaceLeo ("I can't beat Tyler Mc Intosh") Martinez
2nd-3rd PlaceVaishnav ("I didn't get 2nd because I took my own pawn") Aradhyula
Cameron ("I am going to Whooop you") Donis
4th-5th PlaceAdam (I can't believe I lost to my brother again") Mc Intosh
Matan (After starting .5/3, "Can I withdraw from this tournament") Prilleltensky
6th PlaceJason ("Yeah, but I still own Robby") Mielke
7th PlaceTyler ("That mate in 1 is so cheap!" and "I would rather play Congo Bongo") Mc Intosh
8th-9th PlaceJonathan ("Robby, I hung another piece") Cox
Sean Finn ([referring to Tyler's poker skills] "He plays chess like he plays poker, he doesn't know when he has won")
10th PlaceSean Higgins (saving himself for World Blitz Champs)

Bullet Final Standings

1st PlaceLeo Martinez
2nd PlaceJason Mielke
3rd PlaceVaishnav Aradhyula
4th-5th PlaceSean Finn
Cameron Donis
6th PlaceMatan Prilleltensky
7th PlaceSean Higgins
8th PlaceAdam Mc Intosh
9th PlaceJonathan Cox
10th PlaceTyler Mc Intosh