About the Western Invitational Chess Camp

This is the strongest chess camp in the country, drawing the highest rated juniors from around the U.S. In 2013, there were 7 masters and 19 players rated over 2100!! The camp is 100% chess, but is also a lot of fun. The instructors selected are experienced with working with juniors.

The organizer of the Western Invitational Chess Camp is IM-Elect Robby Adamson. Robby is a partner in the law firm of Duffield Adamson Helenbolt, P.C. and an experienced chess coach, coaching at Catalina Foothills High School, which has won a total of 9 National Championships since 2004.

The Western Invitational Chess Camp was founded in 2004, with 10 players. The original instructors of the camp were IM Levon Altounian, IM Mark Ginsburg, and IM-Elect Robby Adamson. The camp grew the following year and was a hit in 2005 and 2006 with GM Larry Christiansen as the head instructor. In 2006 Alejandro Ramirez, one of the youngest Grandmasters ever was added, and has become one of the best instructors. Alejandro attended the University of Texas at Dallas and now works for Chessbase.

In 2007 and 2008, top chess trainer GM Greg Kaidanov and GM Yuri Shulman were the featured instructors, along with IM Levon Altounian, FM Danny Rensch, FM Robby Adamson, and FM Ken Larsen. In 2009, the camp welcomed top-40 in the world GM Alexander Onischuk. Since 2009, we have added GM Melik Khachiyan GM Josh Friedel, and newly minted GM Mac Molner.

Significant effort is made to bringing in instructors who are good and experienced coaches, and not just high rated. The best instructors are rotated from year to year. Visit our Instructors page for a complete list of camp instructors. This camp is intense, but is also a lot of fun. The reviews by the students have all been outstanding.